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Rosette d'Oregon

Rosette d'Oregon

Rosette d'Oregon

This salami is a true celebration of Oregon and an epic realization of the Olympia Provisions NW Farmers Network*! Made pasture-raised Pork from Oregon family farms, Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, juniper, rosemary, and Jacobsen Sea Salt.

This salami is fermented slowly and aged naturally using old world European methods. It's encased in a natural hog casing and coated with colorful, funky natural molds that range from grey, to green, to blue and white.

*We are proud to introduce The Olympia Provisions Farmers Network. For the last ten years, we've dreamt of consistently sourcing environmentally regenerative, humanely-raised pork from the Pacific Northwest. Our Network supports small family farmers who value regenerative agricultural practices, humane animal treatment, and doing things the natural way. Join us in our quest to better the world by redefining American Charcuterie.

Product Details


Pork, pork fat, wine, salt, Less than 2% dextrose, water, spices, garlic, swiss chard powder, juniper, rosemary, lactic acid starter culture. Hog casing.

Serving Suggestions

Remove salami from paper wrapping and slice thinly. We suggest keeping the casing on, and slicing thinly enough to get about 30-35 slices per chub. If you prefer to enjoy without the casing or molds, score the salami lengthwise and peel the casing off before slicing.

Pair with nuts, crackers, cheese.

Merchandising and Storage

Shelf life guaranteed 45-120 days

Store and merchandise in refrigeration 35-38 deg F

Standard Shipping

Orders will be processed within one business day, with the exception of extended transit times over the weekends. All orders will be packed with proper insulation and ice to protect the integrity while in transit. Orders placed Wednesday-Sunday will typically be shipped on Mondays.

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