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Pork Liver Mousse

Pork Liver Mousse


Rich and creamy mousse of pork liver, slightly sweetened with Port Wine and capped with rendered pig fat. 

Available in 8oz Retail tubs

Product Details


Pork, pork liver, lard, cream, eggs, port, water, Less than 2% salt, cultured dextrose, dried vinegar, spices, swiss chard powder, natural flavors, lactic acid culture

Serving Suggestions

Remove plastic, run your knife around the edges of the tub, and flip upside down to release the entire pate from it's mold. Option to leave rendered lard on or scrape off before slicing and serving.

Pair with crusty baguette, a smear of stone ground mustard and a cornichon.

Enjoy on a sandwich with butter, Dijon and frisee.

Merchandising and Storage

Shelf life guaranteed 45-98 days

Store and merchandise in constant refrigeration 35-38 deg F

Standard Shipping

Orders will be processed within one business day, with the exception of extended transit times over the weekends. All orders will be packed with proper insulation and ice to protect the integrity while in transit. Orders placed Wednesday-Sunday will typically be shipped on Mondays.

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