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Flaco Paco Pepperettes

Flaco Paco Pepperettes

Flaco Paco Pepperettes

Smoked Pork Sticks?  Yes, please. 

We've been smoking pork sticks (with excellent pork, in natural lamb casings, over hickory and applewood) since the beginning. We started making these little shorties and wrapped them up all cute in a pocket-sized box. Perfect for snacking, these traveling protein packs are shelf stable! Flaco Paco is our Spanish style version with paprika, garlic, and oregano

Each retail pack is 1.7oz and available in a cases of 30 or as individual units

Product Details

Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, Less than 2% spices, Natural Flavors derived from oregano, flaxseed and plum, dextrose, water, garlic, swiss chard powder, natural flavors, lactic acid culture. Lamb Casing

Serving Suggestions

Little Leaguers, Meat Lovers and Long-Haul Truckers rejoice! We make classic pepperoni sticks in three different flavors; Flaco Paco (Spanish inspired), Kleine Schweine (German inspired), and Petite Pierre (French inspired).

Portable pork for people going places!

Merchandising and Storage

Store and merchandise at room temperature; avoid extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

Standard Shipping

Orders will be processed within one business day, with the exception of extended transit times over the weekends. All orders will be packed with proper insulation and ice to protect the integrity while in transit. Orders placed Wednesday-Sunday will typically be shipped on Mondays.

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